BALL CANDLES: 3" - $10/each
SQUARE PILLAR CANDLE: 3" x 3" x 7" - $15/each
ROUND PILLAR CANDLE: 2" x 6½" - $12/each

Whenever possible, environmentally friendly materials are used. All candles are crafted to make the best use of the materials involved in their creation.

This ball candle is 3" in diameter. It will burn for several hours, giving a good scent and a steady light. These attractive round candles are excellent decoration in any room. When made of palm wax, there is a crystalline effect on the outside of the candles, giving a "snowflake" look which is excellent as a holiday decoration. Available in soy wax and palm wax. Ball Candles are $10/each.

This is a long-burning candle that is very attractive in a variety of settings. The candle is 3" by 3" at the base, allowing it to be fit into a small amount of surface room. The candle is slightly scalloped at the top. All standard colors and fragrances offered by BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE can be incorporated into this candle. The pillar is available in your choice of paraffin, soy, or palm wax. Square Pillar Candles are $15/each.

This candle is two inches in diameter and six-and-a-half inches tall. It has a slight concavity at the top to better contain melted wax as the candle burns. The burn is even and steady, with minimal tunneling into the candle as the flame continues. There is very little dripping of wax, though air flow can alter than to some degree. This pillar candle can be made in paraffin, soy, or palm waxes. The Round pillar candles are $12/each.

This set of votives is specially priced at $12.50 for the set of seven. The set consists of one each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet votive candles, one for each color of the spectrum. The Full Spectrum Set is available only in soy wax. Any fragrance available from BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE can be put into the Full Spectrum Set, but all seven candles in the set must be the same fragrance.

Votives are among the simplest of candles. They are burned in simple glass containers (votive cups) that contain the wax and allow the maximum amount to burn for the longest possible time. Votives are available in all standard colors provided by BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE, as well as all standard fragrances. Votive candles burn for roughly 12 - 15 hours. The burn time will be altered by air flow, drafts, and inappropriate containers. These candles are sold at $2 each, and can be ordered in whatever quantities are desired. If you wish to order a large quantity of votive candles, please contact BETTER TO LIGHT A CANDLE before placing an order so as to be able to determine the time required for making the candles and to see if a discount can be applied to a large order.